¿Why should I have a cover on my boat?

I am often asked what is the advantage of buying a canvas over other systems sunscreen, talking with technicians, suppliers, customers, it is clear that each one presents its special reasons to accept or reject different reasons that drive placement step 5 reasons to detail that are basic to me when choosing an awning over other solutions.

1. Economic.

Among all the options available to protect spaces of the actions of the sun, the awning is one of the most economical. An awning may vary (depending on the options you choose) of scarce 200 $ to 3000 $ if we choose the highest range with maximum performance.

After much note is the cheapest option out compared to an air conditioner or aluminum shutter considering entering the light ratio / thermal load. According to several studies using an awning as a solution to saving weatherization can result in savings of between 30% I 50%

2. Ecological.

An awning has a very low current consumption since by its very nature does not need the power to achieve its purpose, by not using energy (which generates CO2 to occur) does not pollute.

The materials that the awning is made also to power are fully recyclable aluminum consolidate its metal structure for other purposes and adapted for other uses tarps degrade over time.

3. No Maintenance.

A canvas needs a very basic maintenance, almost zero, taking into consideration the fact cover it with a cover the months of little use or fold when you are not using your estètica will remain decent long.

An easy way to clean the awning is with water, a hose I soap detergent used to wash clothes. At the time of wash, we will have a brand new awning and new.

4. Insurance.

Using an awning is safe, your principal protection through energy radiation Boquete fitness assures us that always work.

In addition, a canopy structure is considered light, not heavy, and reducing their ability to fold the lever arm makes it almost impossible to fall if properly folded.

Many of these things depend basically on the orientation in which is situated the awning thing to be taken into account when designing our placement.

5. Easy.

An awning is easy, by pressing or button overshadows and therefore we ask what sale. Compared with increasingly complicated systems of instructions and functions of air conditioners and air conditioners, an awning for its simplicity and versatility wins by a landslide. Ideal for homes with older people, or just make your life easier, to shade it does not take a degree in rocket flying.20130526_134537