Cleaning Canvas

Canvas are important when the warm weather arrives and can enjoy the outdoors and need sun protection. Keep them clean and in good condition not only enhances their aesthetic appearance but also prolongs its life.

The surface of the canvas is many stains. Those who accumulate more dirt are horizontal blinds and are not extensible, although the vertical that can be collected also remain outdoors for long periods and are harmed by rain, dust and other windblown particles.

Cleaning canvas, in general, is a simple, except for the difficulty of access to higher or parts away from the edges task. Hence, to avoid taking risks, you have to take precautions: above all, use appropriate steps, they are well supported , if possible, supported by another person at the bottom.

As fabric canvas, includes a waterproofing treatment, it is best to avoid, whenever possible, abrasive substances for cleaning, as they reduce the life of the fabric.

It is advisable to use only water or a water solution with neutral or white soap, to loosen dirt mildly. Then spend a soft bristle brush and finally rinse with clean water. If the size of the awning means that there are parts that are beyond the reach of the arms, you can attach a brush to a broomstick or the like to reach those difficult areas.

In any case, it is advisable to clean the blinds quite frequently. If too much time is allowed to pass without doing so, the dust particles or other substances get into the tissues and then are much more difficult to remove.told10