Cleaning Canvas

Covers need cleaning periodically.

Depending on the size of your cover you can lay it on a clean flat surface and scrub gently with a soft deck brush and soap and water.

Dinghy cover on davits
Dinghy cover

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Premier source for marine quality covers in San Diego, California. Combine style, functionality and protection to enhance the beauty of your boat, home or business. I produce meticulously hand-crafted products that are made from the finest materials available, with unsurpassed attention to detail. Everything I do is custom! I also do repairs on any existing cover you may already have. Repair work includes only the finest craftsmanship in re-stitching, patching, replacing zippers and clear vinyl windows. If you're interested in getting a cover for an item not outlined I would be more than happy to discuss the possibility of your customized design with you. Custom patterned for YOUR boat Dockside Service Utilize top quality materials

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